You’re not imagining it…

If you are wondering if things are costing more than they did last year, you are not imagining it! Along with the woes of the economy, insurance companies are also having to make adjustments in what business they are accepting and how they can recover some major losses. There are many carriers changing the way they do business in California.

Why is full coverage auto insurance so much more than I remember? During the first year of the pandemic, most insurance companies offered a 15% reduction in auto insurance because drivers were staying home and driving less. Unfortunately, many allowed their coverage to lapse all together, leaving the insurance carriers without as much collected premium to cover losses. Now that many are back on the road, accidents are on the rise, carriers are short staffed and customer satisfaction is spiraling. Many well known carriers are asking for 6 months premiums to be paid up front instead of monthly installments and some are asking for larger premium commitments up front than ever before.

Did your home owners premium increase? It probably did! For homeowners, the replacement cost of your home definitely increased in the past year, and that will drive your premium up. Building costs, supply chain issues and labor shortages mean that if there is a significant loss in your home, it will cost the insurance company more than last year to make you whole, and they are passing that on to you! Check your statement for replacement cost or dwelling value and compare it to previous years.

If you have questions about your coverage or want to see if there is better pricing available don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to help!