5 Great Road Trips from San Diego

5 Great Road Trips from San Diego

If you’re ready to break free of all this rainy weather, we’ve got you covered with 5 great road trips to some of Southern California’s best outdoor playgrounds. There’s a little something for everyone here from wine tasting to rock climbing and hot springs to snow shoeing, and best of all these are all less than 4 hours from San Diego.


Each of the towns in the Santa Ynez Valley has something fun and unique to offer. Solvang is known for its Danish architecture, giant windmills and incredible baked goods. If you’re a wine lover check out Los Olivos for tasting rooms, cute boutiques and galleries or embrace your inner cowboy (or cowgirl) in Wild West themed Santa Ynez. Once you get into the countryside you can explore local vineyards, hiking and biking trails or get go boating on Lake Cachuma.

About 3 hours and 45 minutes


Idyllwild is the gateway to Mount San Jacinto State Park. Outdoor activities are popular here so bring your mountain bikes and discover scenic rides for bikers of all skill levels. You can also go bouldering or rock climbing and there are dozens of hiking trails of varying lengths and skill levels. Also be sure to check out the town of Idyllwild for great food, boutiques and galleries.

About 2 hours


Visit in the warm weather months to enjoy fishing, hiking, and mountain biking or rent a boat and get out onto the water. In the winter, enjoy some of the best downhill skiing and snowboarding in the state. You can also enjoy tubing or go snowshoe hikeing to enjoy the winter wonderland scenery

About 3 hours


Palm Springs is known for its fabulous resorts, spas, and golf courses. It is the ultimate relaxation destination, with lots of outdoor activities, but lots of art, museums, shopping, and dining as well. Be sure to check out the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway for panoramic views from Mt. San Jacinto and take a soak at Desert Hot Springs.

About 2 hours


Bouldering and hiking are the most popular activities in Joshua Tree. There are hikes for every skill level, from short and scenic nature trails to harder hikes that take you to mountain peaks. While experienced climbers can have a blast scaling the vertical rock faces in the park, amateurs can have fun scrambling up large boulders. Check out the scenery from Keys View at sunset, and once night falls you’ll find a number of quiet spots for stargazing.

About 2 hours and 30 minutes

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How an insurance agent can save you time, money and stress so you can get back to the things that matter

How an insurance agent can save you time, money and stress so you can get back to the things that matter

Buying insurance is just about the last thing that most of us want to do. It’s complicated, takes a long time and you’re never quite sure that you’re getting the coverage you need or the best price. This is where an independent agent, who is licensed to sell insurance products for multiple companies, shines. Using an agent is like having a personal assistant to help you buy insurance.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that that you have the best coverage at the most affordable price. Working with a trusted, experienced insurance agent who knows and understands your personal situation and needs can help guide you in the right direction. They’re able to look through dozens of companies and policy options to make sure you have the coverage you need and make sure you understand your policy service options before making a final decision.

An agent can also help you review your coverage regularly to make sure your coverage is up to date and reflects any big life changes. Here are 5 reasons to choose an independent agent:

1. They give you options – Independent agents represent many different insurance companies so they can offer you a variety of coverage options and price points. Agents use their connections and knowledge of the market to find you a better value for your insurance dollar than you might find searching on your own. Your agent is going to do the shopping while you do the saving.

2. They are licensed experts – A good agent can explain the complexities of insurance in terms and help you make smart decisions. They make work hard to understand their customers’ insurance needs and match them with the insurance carrier best equipped to meet those needs at a price the customer can afford. Seek the advice of a licensed insurance professional is the best way to be certain that your car, your home, and business are properly protected.

3. They are your advocate – If you have questions about a claim, miss a payment or need to change your coverage, your agent is your advocate and works with the insurance company on your behalf.

4. They are your neighbor – Independent agents are your neighbors…they are a part of the community where you live, and understand the ins and out of the neighborhood. Your agent is likely very involved in the community, sponsoring youth sports teams, shopping at local businesses, supporting local schools, and participating in community groups and events.

5. They want to be your agent for a lifetime – Your agent is invested in your success and there to help you through all the changes in your life. Whether that means going from renting an apartment to buying a home, starting a business, getting married, renovating your home, adding a teen driver to your auto policy, or looking to cover that retirement condo.

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The worst phone call…

The worst phone call…


Today was just another day sheltering in place…

…until I received a call from an attorney asking for the details of a policy belonging to one of my clients. I smiled when I heard her name and wondered innocently what has she gotten herself into. Regrettably, said the attorney, she had passed in an auto accident last week.

Full. Stop.

It takes a moment to really digest that kind of information. I thought of her daughter, and all the pictures she posted on social media of her creative work. I remembered how many times she called to tell me that she was going to be a little late paying a bill. She was fighting the good fight to provide for her daughter and stay on top of her bills. I just couldn’t pressure her to pay a little more for life insurance, even if it was only $20 a month. I thought I was being kind by not being pushy.

But now I have regret. I know the value of having even just a little life insurance and what a huge difference it makes for the people who love you. I know how tight her budget was, but I have to wonder if I didn’t fail her.

I know that we all have a heightened awareness of Covid-19 spreading through the community. That we worry about becoming sick ourselves or, maybe worse, the people we love becoming sick and what that might mean. It’s important to remember that life, and death, will go on despite a lockdown or quarantine.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. If you have life insurance in place, review your coverage and ask questions about it. I’m here, and I can help. If you don’t have life insurance, or you have a policy, but you’re worried that it might be tied to your job, please reach out and let me help you find something that is affordable and will really make a difference to those you love.

You can reach me anytime at (800) 304-3254 or send me an email.

Please be safe out there!

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Cars Most Likely to be Stolen

Cars Most Likely to be Stolen

A recent study on car theft has just assured me the likelihood of someone stealing my Honda Fit is refreshingly low. The same study provides one of the few convincing reasons to outfit yourself with this compact Honda instead of a Hemi—or an Infiniti Q50.

The Fit’s unfitness for hotwiring isn’t only due to its available manual transmission; not a single subcompact is on the HLDI’s list of the 20 vehicles most likely to be stolen. 

Instead that list dominated by luxury vehicles, pickup trucks, and cars and trucks that have engines powerful enough to provoke envy and spontaneous searches for wire hangers. Almost half of the 20 vehicles leading the likely-to-be-stolen list are also equipped with all-wheel drive. (For getaway scrambles across highway medians, perhaps?)

However, the shining stars of the theft frequency list are the Dodge Charger Hemi and Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Interestingly, no other muscle cars compete with these Hemi-powered Mopars for their status atop this list, and are accompanied instead by an unlikely third-wheeler: the Infiniti Q50. This triad has the dubious distinction of being stolen at more than five times the average theft rate for 2016–2018 model year vehicles. 

“The models most likely to be stolen tend to be powerful, pricey, or pickups; but vehicle theft is also a crime of opportunity,” Matt Moore, the institute’s senior vice president, said in a statement. “Better security features on all vehicles would be the best way to address the problem.”

In general, car theft is on the rise. Though modern cars are more theft-resistant than older vehicles, many of them also come with the convenience of push-button starting. Lazy drivers often drop their high-tech, security-defeating key fobs in the console or cupholder when they run in Wal-Mart, making theft absurdly simple.

HLDI’s figures are based on the probability of the vehicles being stolen. The study compares thefts with sales rather than tabulating the gross number of thefts; that’s why some vehicles with relatively low sales appear on the most-likely-to-be-stolen list.

It may surprise enthusiasts who place the BMW 3 Series high atop a pedestal, but car thieves are apparently not into mass-market Bimmers. The 2016–2018 3-series tops a different list as the vehicle least likely to be stolen, and is followed by two Teslas: the Model S and Model X. The HLDI speculates that Teslas sport such a the low theft rate because they are typically parked either in garages or close enough to a house to reach an AC outlet or charger. A HLDI report from last year also showed that electric vehicles had relatively lower theft rates than conventionally powered cars and trucks.

One prominent dropout from the most-stolen list is the Cadillac Escalade, which used to lead the HLDI’s rankings for total vehicle theft. The Institute attributes that to both more competition in the luxury SUV segment (the Infiniti QX80 and Land Rover Range Rover are now on the list of 20 most stolen vehicles) and the fact that Cadillac started adding more robust anti-theft features in 2015.

None of us would put ourselves above enjoying some subtle envy when rumbling around in a Hemi, but with great power comes… great responsibility. There’s a reason Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman jumps a guy hijacking his way into a 7 Series. 

Most frequently stolen vehicles of the 2016-18 model years:
Dodge Charger HEMI
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
Infiniti QX50 
Infiniti QX80
GMC Sierra 1500 crew-cab
Dodge Challenger
Nissan Maxima
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew-cab
Chrysler 300 four-wheel-drive
Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan AWD
Dodge Charger AWD
Dodge Durango AWD 
Land Rover Range Rover
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew-cab 4WD
Dodge Charger
Nissan Titan crew-cab short bed
Chevrolet Silverado 1500
GMC Sierra 1500 crew-cab 4WD
Audi A7 AWD
Infiniti QX80 AWD

Least frequently stolen vehicles of the 2016-18 model years:
BMW 3-series four-door
Tesla Model S AWD
Tesla Model X AWD
Chevrolet Equinox AWD
Buick Encore AWD
Subaru Legacy with EyeSight
GMC Acadia
Subaru Forester with EyeSight
GMC Acadia AWD
Volkswagen New Beetle
BMW 3 Series AWD
Subaru Outback with EyeSight
Subaru Crosstrek
Chevrolet Traverse
Subaru Crosstrek with EyeSight
Lexus RX 450h AWD
Honda Odyssey
Mazda MX-5 Miata
Cadillac XT5

Content provided by Hagarty

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The 5 best roadsters

The 5 best roadsters

There is no feeling like the brush of cool air coming over the windscreen as you motor down the roadway. Almost every manufacturer has produced a roadster at some point, so we asked Hagerty members which one is their favorite. Here are the most popular answers.

Honda S200
Packing nearly 100 horsepower per liter, the Honda S2000 is a feat of engineering. The two-seater is sleekly styled and while small, is packed with function. The entire cockpit is driver-centric, and the rear-wheel-drive platform paired with a manual six-speed transmission promises a lively driving experience. They appear to be only going up, might be the time to shop for one now.

Mazda Miata
Embodying all the enjoyment—even the exhaust note—of a little British car, but with traditional Japanese reliability, is a sure fire recipe for those who like fun to drive cars. The Miata hit that nail square and hard, making itself a favorite of those in the search for a modern roadster. The first generation from 1989-97, also known as NA, are typically favored by those seeking a pure experience, but the subsequent generations are still wonderful cars to enjoy.

We expected a wide range of responses, but we will say we didn’t expect a pack of Morgan lovers to come out of the woodwork (pun intended) to declare their love for open top motoring. A pure British roadster, this fits the traditional definition by leaving the side windows behind. The majority of the responses calling for inclusion of the Morgan nameplate made reference to the Plus Four, a more powerful version of 4/4 model, which was built from 1950 to 1969.

Chevrolet Corvette
The second-generation Corvette is best known for the one-year-only split-window of 1963, as it was a gorgeous design and also the first Corvette without the option to remove the roof (the convertible, of course, wasn’t a split-window) Arguably the most American roadster (we would accept arguments that the ’32 Ford is a tie for the spot), the Corvette is the quintessential roadster for those who want an exhaust note that sounds as good as the American flag looks. Barring a few years after 1976 when no American production cars had the convertible option, the Corvette has always had the box on the order form for a drop top. We hope it stays that way.

Triumph TR3
The term LBC encapsulates a lot, but when you break it down to Little British Cars, to us there are few that fit the term better than the Triumph TR3. Hagerty members mentioned a number of Lucas-electrics-equipped cars, but the most support seems to lean on the curvaceous TR3. While British in heritage and production, between 1955 and 1957, 90-percent of TR3 production was shipped to the shores of the U.S.

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